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Awaken! Awaken!

Like a seed beneath the snow, which will allways find a way to grow, source within… Open the gates, forged in fire for vicious entities <applications are closed> To the loss of all fire in modern world’s bottom… Awaken! Awaken!!! Funkenfluag Society Lichtmess Moon MMXXIV

Howling at the Gates of Dawn

Cold harsh winter night. The gates are sealed and the keys to the other side are buried by the dust of the new year. Massive hails to all those, who believe in our work and our passionate fire. We will celebrate the dance of fire together. And yet, there are still a few Pakkts left […]

The Howling of Winter

Due to the massive response of the solstice mass, the foolish winds blow out of shitty holes. Let these Winds flow into everlasting nothingness. Tonight, we raise our torches to the highest and to all of you, who raid the spirits of our anti-time. A blessed winter solstice to you all! Like a seed beneath […]

Oath of Fire

Like fiery hearts, under powerful force, dawning in fire… The portal is open. The oath of fire can be sworn. Smear your spells onto this magick pakkt and seal it with blood! <no more oaths to be sworn> We wish you goat luck in the following nights. Respekt nature and the whispers within… Krampen über […]

Wild Hunt Blasters MMXXIV

After this night of all nights, the wind of the wild hunters blow. This massive storm of resonance thrills us to outer Dimensions. Please wait patiently for the next murmur from the spirits beyond. Soon, your Letters can be writen as the application link for Pakkts will be unleashed. The roaring footage of this ceremonial […]

4th Revelation – Under the Oath of the Black Blood

For so long, we have walked this path with great passion! Now we have reached another step towards the stairway of our burning eyes ceremony and the universe! With utter pride and an eternal dream to dance in the eternal flames – to raise our cups of fruity wine – to swear the oath of […]

3rd Revelation – Under the Oskoreia Fullmoon Shimmer

“Time is the sulphur in the Veins of the Saints – no strangers to come with me, if they are not pure in their hearts.” T.T., A.Julius, Okram This 3rd revelation will be written into your boiling hearts. The Ship from above brings these creatures and they speak the words of freedom! Der Blutharsch and […]

2nd Revelation – Upon a waxin’ moon

In a fever dream of crimson hue, beneath the moon’s silvery glim, igniting the fire within every bloodstream. The next punch of wild beasts will engulf your fears through hammer tunes. Misþyrming Darvaza Grab Bezwering Vidargängr Pale Spektre Pyra Yakima Jera More ghostly words will be spoken soon! Krampen über uns Funkenfluag Society Oskoreia Moon […]

1st Revelation – Oskoreia Moon MMXXIII

“Ye have made your way from the worm to man, and much within you is still worm. Once were ye apes, and even yet man is more of an ape than any of the apes.” F. Nietzsche Under this moon’s cycle, we will smear your faces with blood. This is the 1st announcement for the […]

Wild Nights of Burning Fire

The portal of the open chariot Time is now closed. Now, we dive under the sign of the dark year. We want to thank you all, dear participants, for this magickal trip to the Outer Worlds and back. We are grateful for every single flame of your existence! Sometimes it’s just a spark whose blaze […]