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Snakes meander through river Stagnation

All these nails to adore the divine. But our answer comes from the burning heart. This shall be our revelation. Blowing nights under golden stars diving into the underworld. You all will know… The fire will burn higher! Higher!!! Never be dissuaded from your will Hail fire!!! Wild love and Mystik Fiar! Funkenfluag Society Wolf […]

When Heaven drowned under the Harvest Moon

A new age is coming… coming in glory. The old paths of rotten and foul fruit shall be trampled and cursed forever! From this weakness shall arise a new vision, springing from and riding through our veins! This mystical night on the edge of the abyss with MGLA, DOOMBRINGER and Medico Peste makes our burning […]

Liberty once again stares into the womb of time

Renewed, united and strong, flames blazing high against this rotten world, trembling with the earth and flying with the sparks. Gratefulness to those who made this mountain madness possible, especially to those who proclaim steel & sorcery. Hail KRINGA! Hail HEXENBRETT! Hail EISENHAND! More errections of our Society will be driven into your veins to […]

And thus they have spoken

The fiery sword shall cut their tongues and burn their eyes! Due to the dilettante pandemic conception ANNO II and many seances, we unfortunately have to announce the expected unexpected. While we hoped for a brighter development from the helpless and brainless, times are still in the nebula! Thus, a bright and highly acclaimed HOUSE […]

Frühlingserwachen Ostara MMXXI

Gather ye thirsty and feast on the cauldron. Open the Door beyond, rejoce at the ultimate climax in the alps and seethe your drunken fruits at this saturnalia with those nebular hordes. September 18, 2021 MGLA, Doombringer, Medico Peste In the fog fill the chalice with blood under: speckjaga@sbg.at See you there anew, trampling with […]

End of Wintermass

High tide of kneeling, praying and dying rats, a world kneeling in front to their selfmade looser Gods. Weeping on society’s gallows, drunken and driven by fear! Quo vadis – where are you all going?? This shall be the time to wake up – Mother Nature tells you to!!! Auf! Auf!  Some rise and others […]

The Inner Abyss

Returned to a new world, locked down, terrorized and traumatized by the corrupt. Masses devoured by warm shit – brainwashed by the media. Faces smeared with creamy warmth, rushing into supermarkets – to run and to admire, to desire… the only gift they are looking for… There is no shimmer and no glitter… only fakes […]



Disobedience and Joy Before the Winter is coming, we want to invite you to join the ranks at Neudegg Alm once this year. Here we go with the cold winds of the old Kult, for the seeds have grown to strong roots. This Purity shall be praised in the profane light of the Dark. BELPHEGOR […]

Fall from grace

Unique clothing in a variety of ways for the downfall and tragedy. Embalmed through the blood of the masters, Karmazid and ViehArts conjured the divine energy into this work of art. So intense and curious is the case… Flagellating roots for the new, as it is above so below……. Support the tribe in these times […]

The hidden path of the loving

The solstice rode on and left its mark in the cosmos, but in a different way, due to life’s current circumstances. Like a house that stands strong and beautiful since time immemorial. Rituals shall be conducted and accomplished, not in warm beds and white satin, but in rough weather, on cold stones, digestible mud and […]