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On glorious wings through the bosom of the abyss

In these days where the so-called mainstream agenda drowns in its own blood, together with its plastic-covered world with the death of all spirit and fire flying high. Against these orders of empty eyes and due the actual events in this world’s tragedy, we raise again our cups with blazing magick on these burning grounds. […]


All souls drowned in the maelstrom of everlasting nothingness Like the Hammer crushes the iron Like the wild wind blows the foul away Like the wheel turns on deepest soil With laughter and fire Hold torches higher Open the gates to the other side HOUSE OF THE HOLY V June 14 – 18, 2023 Neudegg […]

Burning Hearts to set the World aflame

The ultimate climax is driven through our veins. Wooden pillars ignite the gateways like torches through the nightsky abyss. We want to thank you as you ride the vortex. This gift of hearts fire you brought to the pyre. Untrodden paths beckon new steps to open wide be wise you are lifes candle As water, […]

Spring Equinox MMXXII

Wenn 2000 Elefanten durch unseren Blutkreys ziehen und die Rüssel rote Glut versprühen This Spring equinox ceremony turned out to a be a high flyer. It was what a Black Metal Shows should be! Massive Hails to the Abyssal Grimoires & Nine Black Torches Troops. Their trumpets and magickal attilery crushed down winters torment into […]

Lay down your soul to the Gods Rock ‘n’ Roll

Visions become flesh – fire upon your soul! We signed the Pakkt in the cathedral of darkness for the Hexenwahn Ritus! VENOM into their throats, BELPHEGOR, the everlasting sacramental fire, wild staring eyes of liberty ARS GOATIA, and total CHAOS INVOCATION in the CIRCLE OF SHADOWS Inhale the magick of this gathering. Let the red […]

Awake – When the Light blows through their Bones

From the grave of cold harsh winter, this is the revelation for our endless thirst and your fiery flesh! Due several reasons the Black Metal Revenge is canceled. Our answer to this is the HEXENWAHN Night on May 14! The Line up will be unleashed soon, but please notice, this will be the ultimate Revenge!!! […]

Snakes meander through river Stagnation

All these nails to adore the divine. But our answer comes from the burning heart. This shall be our revelation. Blowing nights under golden stars diving into the underworld. You all will know… The fire will burn higher! Higher!!! Never be dissuaded from your will Hail fire!!! Wild love and Mystik Fiar! Funkenfluag Society Wolf […]

When Heaven drowned under the Harvest Moon

A new age is coming… coming in glory. The old paths of rotten and foul fruit shall be trampled and cursed forever! From this weakness shall arise a new vision, springing from and riding through our veins! This mystical night on the edge of the abyss with MGLA, DOOMBRINGER and Medico Peste makes our burning […]

Liberty once again stares into the womb of time

Renewed, united and strong, flames blazing high against this rotten world, trembling with the earth and flying with the sparks. Gratefulness to those who made this mountain madness possible, especially to those who proclaim steel & sorcery. Hail KRINGA! Hail HEXENBRETT! Hail EISENHAND! More errections of our Society will be driven into your veins to […]

And thus they have spoken

The fiery sword shall cut their tongues and burn their eyes! Due to the dilettante pandemic conception ANNO II and many seances, we unfortunately have to announce the expected unexpected. While we hoped for a brighter development from the helpless and brainless, times are still in the nebula! Thus, a bright and highly acclaimed HOUSE […]