§ 1 Preface

For the business connection between the FUNKENFLUAG SOCIETY and the buyer only the following terms and conditions apply. Differing terms and conditions on the part of the buyer will not be accepted at any time, unless the FUNKENFLUAG SOCIETY and its executives provide an explicit written confirmation.

§ 2 Conclusion of an Agreement

At first, there will be checked to what extend the FUNKENFLUAG SOCIETY is able to carry out the order. Not till then we will accept the offer going hand in hand with the order – all or part of it. By providing a valid e-mail address the buyer receives a confirmation of the order. This confirmation does not constitute an acceptance of your offer, but simply provides information that your order has been placed. An act of sale only comes into force, when we ship your ordered products to you.

The contracting party is:

[complete address on written request available]
5441 Abtenau

E-Mail: artefakkts [at] funkenfluag [dot] at

§ 3 Right of Withdrawal

Any customer has the right to revoke his / her contractual statement in writing within two weeks, without stating reasons, within two weeks of receipt of the goods (e.g. letter, e-mail) or by returning the goods. This period of time starts with the arrival of the goods the soonest and not before receiving this instruction. The revocation period shall be deemed observed if the goods are returned or notice of revocation is given within this period.

The revocation has to be addressed to:

artefakkts [at] funkenfluag [dot] at

or in writing respectively by returning the goods:

[complete address on written request available]
5441 Abtenau

Consequences of Revocation:
In the event of a valid revocation of this agreement each party shall return to the respective other party the benefits received. You are not able to return the received benefits at all, only in part or in a state of worsened quality (i.e. altered, washed, worn or worn-out textiles), you are obliged to accomplish value replacement by means of money (EURO). This does not apply for a surrender of goods, when the im- pairment is due to means of quality inspection – as you might have had the opportunity in a retail store. Incidently, you are able to avoid the obligation for value replacement when you treat the goods not like your own property, but instead omit everything which might affect the value of the products.

Goods being ready for shipping are to be returned at your own risk. You have to pay the costs when the case matches the ordered goods and when the price of the returned goods does not exceed a worth of EUR 40,00. In other cases we refund the charges/costs for reshipment. You are obliged to meet your obligations concerning the reimbursement of payments within 30 days after the dispatch of your revocation.

For return applies:

Please make sure that you receive an undamaged package (if necessary open the package in the presence of the postman). Do not in any case accept a damaged delivery (e.g. an opened box or similar). Only products from undamaged received deliveries can be reclaimed or returned. Never take damaged parcels. With the acceptance of the delivery you approve tactly that everything’s right. After you have confirmed that, damaged items cannot be returned or reclaimed for compensations. The return of the complaint item must be completed within four weeks after receipt of the ordered item.

  • As a buyer you are not obliged to give reasons for your return. However, we kindly ask you to tell us the reasons for the return.
  • We suggest you keep the shipping package for at least four weeks, in order for you to be able to reship the goods safe and protected back to us.
  • Make sure you enclose a copy of your invoice as well. The same applies for customers within the European Union.
  • Reshipments from outside the European Union are not possible.

§ 4 Payment Conditions

All prices quoted in our webshop are quoted in Euros and inclusive of VAT.

Payment can be carried out through:

When you choose “PayPal“ as the method of payment, the goods are being prepared for shipping and
when we receive the confirmation from PayPal (PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. & Cie, S.C.A.), that the money
has been transfered to our bank account, we ship your package to you.

Debit or credit card:
After checkout, the PayPal page will open, where you can choose to pay with your PayPal account, or debit/credit card.

Bank transfer:
When you choose “Bank Transer” as the method of payment, the goods are being are being prepared for shipping and
when we receive the confirmation from our Bank, that the money has been transfered to our bank account, we ship your package to you.

§ 5 Reservation of Proprietary Rights

We maintain the ownership of delivered items until the full payment.

§ 6 Guarantee

We guarantee that the goods shipped by us are free of any shortage of material as well as free of errors being caused during fabrication. In the line of statutory provisions you are allowed to complain about the delivered goods on the basis of legitimate defects. the FUNKENFLUAG SOCIETY is not liable for the adequacy of the goods concerning a certain purpose of usage intended by the buyer. We suggest you examine the delivered goods immediately upon receipt concerning any possible imperfection. Regular wearing or fading of the goods does not justify a warranty claim.

§ 7 Privacy/ Data Protection

No registration is necessary to place an order.

Cookies are but small textual information, which get saved on your harddisc of your computer by your browser. Our cookies do not contain any individual-related information (your privacy is absolutely secure). They simply serve the purposes of navigation and recognition.

§ 8 Liability

The FUNKENFLUAG SOCIETY is not liable for disadvantages and defects, which have not came into being at the delivered goods. In particular, the FUNKENFLUAG SOCIETY is not liable for lost sales and gains or for any other financial loss of the buyer/ the customer. As far as the contractual liability of the FUNKENFLUAG SOCIETY is excluded or restricted, this contractual liability also applies for employees, salesmen and auxiliary persons.

§ 9 Miscellaneous

  • The period of availability of limited offers will be displayed in each case in our webshop.
  • Though we try to make sure we provide a thorough stocking, it may occur that a product is sold out much quicker than designated. Consequently, we do not give a delivery guarantee. This is imperative: While stocks last! This mainly applies for special offers!
  • In the case that you as the end-consumer do not call a residence in the European Union your own, our business location is the court of jurisdiction.
  • When placing an order online, the price at the point in time of the order is in force. Subsequent alterations of prices are reserved. Errors might occur.
  • Due to the process of printing minimal colour deviations might occur.
  • These terms as well as all accordingly executed contracts of sale are subject to German Law to the exclusion of UN-Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods
  • The participation in our raffles/ competitions does not depend on orders or other commitments and is exclusively reserved to the visitors of the websites www.osdou.com or the participation of so called “Gewinnspiel-Eintrags-Service-Anbieter” (raffle-entry-service-providers) or similar providers is strictly forbidden. In case of contravention legal proceedings will be instituted against the provider.
  • All of the content of www.funkenfluag.at is subject to the Copyright and belongs to the FUNKENFLUAG SOCIETY. Reprint, copy (as well as copy in extracts), linking etc. must be authorised by the FUNKENFLUAG SOCIETY.
  • All deliveries are subject exclusively to the above-mentioned Delivery Terms as they are stated at the time the order is placed.

§ 10 Final Clause

As the place of delivery Abtenau is agreed upon by the contracting parties.

In case any of the named terms above becomes invalid, all other terms keep their validation. The invalid term shall be replaced by a valid term whose content and economical purpose mostly resembles the content and economical purpose of the invalid term.