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Blessed Ostara – Pandeamonic Massgraves unleashed

The times of Panic, Toilet Paper, Plastic Water,  Mass manipulation and Massensterben… It  seems that they like to fukk up all the free will and imprison everything that is “still” alive! To fukk up all cultural gatherings and social contacts! Time to be creative and going to think deeper down into places where our roots […]

Sintbrand – Masshypnosis – Global Hysteria

„Die Menschenordnung gleicht dem Kosmos darin, dass sie von Zeit zu Zeit, um sich von neuem zu gebären, ins Feuer tauchen muss. Und sollte die Erde wie ein Geschoss zerspringen, ist unsere Wandlung Feuer und weiße Glut.“ – E. Jünger Seid gegrüßt, Brüder und Schwestern! Hier leiden wir in der Leere, um die Flamme in […]

Wintersonnwende MMXIX

On this night of nights, at a point of destabilization, the choirs of OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON US & FLAMEKEEPER will hunt the wild convent of the HOUSE OF THE HOLY IV with burning love and bursting fire. Command the wild worms to transform all flesh. Fire and water will reign again. Walk strong and […]


A new circle begins and we want to transform the mountain into a magickal place once again. Continue to spread the Wild Love & the Mystik Fiar so that the coming year will be more radiant and powerful for all of us. NO MORE PAKKTS CAN BE SIGNED Don’t hesitate! Walk fearlessly and with strength […]

Messe des Winters – Wutanes Treiben

Through this wild night and back from Wutans forbidden garden, this heavy flagship will be unleashed upon you. This is the speech from the hidden ghosts, they murmur from the other side. Burn from the deepest. The following possessed spirits will invade the House Of The Holy IV Celebration in June XVIII – XX, MMXX […]

House Of The Holy IV

In the deepest abyss one flame enlightens one torch in the endless nightsky!!! No mails will be answerd… acceptance is the truth above all…  

HotH III | Summer Solstice | June MMXIX

“Der Geist ist kein Gefäß, das gefüllt, sondern ein Feuer, das entfacht werden muss.” HotH III | Summer Solstice | June MMXIX The Gods of the new aeon came down from the heavens to open the brains, to plow and sow the new seeds of the divine to grow! The jucy Vulva of the universe […]

Krampen über uns!

The wild Hunters are marching on! Here is the final Flyer for the HOUSE OF THE HOLY Ceremony done by the mighty “View from the Coffin” & “Irrwisch Art Design“! To be a part of the Gathering you need an invitation! Send your application, including a maximum of 4 additional persons and their full names, […]

Samhain MMXVIIII: One with the Cycle

“Now I become one with the creatures of the forest Now I am howling with the blowing Winds the blistering flames flow like water through my eyes, a dance of the universe” Fire, fire down from the mountains below and let there be light within darkness! Drunk as the gods, to be and to act like […]

Equinox Fall MMXVII: There is so much Light in the Darkness…

In the Fall of this abrasive year the summer solstice experience is in our heart and souls for eternity, after leaving a black hole and so many questions open in our existence. The loss of a beloved brother and for so many of us a great friend and special person, this is not to describe […]