The Funkenflug Society/Speckjaga Tribe is proud to announce the official artist for the Summer Solstice concept 2016!
High Priestess Sunve could be arranged for photographical artworks and paintings.

Her blood filled drawings and dedicated photo art will cover the next issue of this high acclaimed ritual.
In the last week we were driven by fire and energy, we opened the gates to a new dimension in nature art and created a new vibe in illustrated views.
The solstice movie is delayed to spring 2017! More about this soon.

The date for the Sonnwendfeuer wilderness is set for June 16/17/18, 2016!
The complete Line Up for this Ceremony “In the Temple of the golden light” is booked and will be unveiled in the end of the Rauhnächte.

Don´t ask for tickets & guest lists, don´t ask if your band can play, keep everything in silence!

A great autumn time, strenght, love and light to all of you

Funkenflug Society  Autumn Equinox 2015