The Cycle has come to an end…

…the circle is being closed.

Norway, April 2010, somewhere in the mystic woods around Holmenkollen, beyond a chapel, the magic and mysticism of „…heart of the ages“ is reverberating and haunting through the night, transforming its spells into reality.
IN THE WOODS headline the very last ceremony of the Funkenflug Ritual with honourable brothers from all around Europe and the world.

Its just only a few days until the pre-sale for this unique, special and outstanding event starts. Please be sure that you really want to be a part of this fiery, vigorous and mind altering ceremony!
Its again a journey away from the structures of profanity and trivial everyday life. Its a magical voyage into the timeless and sacred woods of Neudegg Alm…and into the beyond…into the everburning, ancient fires of transformation…into the light of a newborn inner Sun!

As we have always said, and that’s important:
We are not a mainstream nor a party event, where you can jump around and behave as respectless and mindless apes and fools! We celebrate with the spirits of nature, so you have to bring the true love and the right attitude and respect!
Honour the surroundings and inhale its ancient, rejuvenating spirit. May it light a spark within your very hearts!
You can place your order in the light of Lichtmess, February 2nd, 2016, from 00.00 am till 12.00pm!

Sign your pakt under this mail:! 4 Tickets are accepted for each order!

Don´t forget to place your names in the mail!
If you get an answer within the next days you will be a part of this last Solstice Ceremony. All other infos (shuttle/ running order/ taxi) will be sent to the participant via mail.
No discussions to no one! Don’t ask for guestlists and don’t write via Facebook or other sites!
We don’t want to loose our roots. We keep it limited, unique and familiar!

So brothers and sisters, we wish you all the best and good luck for the forthcoming days.

With wild, untamed Love and mystic Fire
Speckjaga Tribe / Imbolc 2016