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Like a seed beneath the snow,
which will allways find a way to grow,
source within…

Open the gates, forged in fire for vicious entities
<applications are closed>

To the loss of all fire in modern world’s bottom…
Awaken! Awaken!!!

Funkenfluag Society
Lichtmess Moon MMXXIV

High tide of kneeling, praying and dying rats, a world kneeling in front to their selfmade looser Gods.
Weeping on society’s gallows, drunken and driven by fear!
Quo vadis – where are you all going??

This shall be the time to wake up – Mother Nature tells you to!!!
Auf! Auf!  Some rise and others fall.

Be fast in this changing Aeon – be fast like a weasel
Be fast or be eaten!!!

Blessed Imbolc with wild Love & Mystik Fiar

Funkenfluag Society
Imbolc Moon MMXXI