Nights Of Rejuvenating Fire

A circle is closed and another is to opened – the wheel turns on again.

Our deepest gratitude and thanks goes out to all of you, beloved brothers and sisters.
You who have been part of our last Funkenflug ceremony. We have never seen such respectful and dedicated people as you having shown up at Neudegg Alm, at our beloved sacred mountain.
We can’t find any words to describe your endless passion and devotion in this ritual.
Your respect to nature – no left of any trash – goes without words!
May you have found the true light of wisdom to march forward and climb up the next level to your own inner sacred divine light.

Our biggest blessings go to all the phenomenal bands having participated at this year’s Funkenflug! You spread pure intensity into the audience!
Hail Belphegor, Hail Svartidaudi, Hail Vemod, Hail Cult of Fire, Hail In the Woods, Hail Acherontas, Hail Winterfylleth, Hail Mosaic, Hail Sortilegia, Hail A Forest of Stars, Hail Kringa, Hail Shibalba, Hail Common Eider King Eider, Hail Albez Duz, Hail Aluk Todolo, Hail Sum of R, Hail Stormnatt, Hail the Alphorns, Hail the ancient ones!

Hail and thanks to all the possessed artists: Sunvemetal, Irrwish, Ceethava and House of Inkantation for the visual concept. Your names shall be burnt in stones. 93!

Total Love and Respekt to our phenomenal crew who gave their ultimate sacrifice for a higher purpose! HailaRRR!
A big hail to the comrades from our hometown who helped us in such a positive way. May the fires of Abtenau return! May the rivers of this holy town squirt again fresh out of the soil.

What is left is the ash out of which the phoenix shall rise. Two keys have formed the symbol of new and old, beginning and end!
The first key closed the old! The second key opened the new! After they had been thrown into the fire the HOUSE OF THE HOLY ascended from the inner light of a hundred of burning souls, brought indescribable visions, guided us a new path of transcendence.
With this knowledge and strength we will march ever higher to the next level of creativity and energy.
The sparks of the great phallus shall enlighten your soul and life, ignite your own inner fire and vault your whole existence to the source of endless creativity and power.

A light in deepest darkness will guide you the way. May eternal love and peace be with you.

Wild Love and Mystic Fire

Barth and the Funkenflug Society/ Litha MMXVI

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