The Rain Of Freya

Brothers and sisters within light!

This is the last breath, a last whisper until the sun turns and the light of darkness begins to shine and radiate!
The wet sputtering fire of the may-goddess, an elixir of life and rejuvenation!
This warm and smooth nectar was refreshing us! This sacred wellspring granted us many visions!
The last step to the ultimate Funkenflug (Sparkflight) is in tangible distance!

Here are some very important informations regarding the Rauhnächte of the summer solstice and infos for you to experience this holy nights trouble-free and disciplined:

The Funkenflug 2015 is completely sold-out!
There isn’t any chance to partake in our ceremonial rites without having a valid festival- ticket!
We are a closed congregation! Please save your time and dont travel to the sacred mountain without any ticket! There will be NO entrance granted!

For all those who have been blessed to get an invitation!:
You can arrive on friday, june 19th at 10 o’clock AM and build up your bivouac!
Dont forget warm clothes, sleepingbags, furs or blankets and rain/wind persisting coats! The weather on the mountain can easily change and it can become very windy and cold!

A shuttle-bus from ENI Gas station and the post-office during both days, is only available for those who own a valid festival-ticket!

Up the Hill:
1st Run: 01:30 pm
2nd Run: 03:30 pm
3rd Run: 05:30 pm

Down the Hill:
1st Run: 02:15 am
2nd Run: 03:00 am

For all of you travelling by car:
Use car sharing to reduce the parking-, and space problems upon the hill!
Please follow the instructions of the parking attendants and keep the reversal point of the shuttle-bus absolutely and all the time vacant!
Wrong parking vehicles will be towed off at your costs without any compensation!

To all dog-keepers:
Please be so sensible and let your pets at home! We dont want to debate about the problems that can emerge with the local hunters and wild animals!

The running order is being published one week before the solstice!

If you havent booked a hotel room yet, check out the website of our friends from “Gasthof Lederer”:
Here the contact:  |  or phone 0043 6243 2269

No camp-fires at the camp-site!
You are allowed to use barbecue-pods! Keep the surrounding nature clean! We dont want to see and find any fag ends and other dirt!

: Keep Austria beautiful – Respect Nature :

For all those of you who arent sharing this thoughts and attitude and expect an ordinary festival with will-less, jumping monkeys and retarded, drunken party idiots: Please burn your ticket and dont travel to the solstice at all!

To all of you vigorous, flaming and wonderful beings who are searching for the slumbering fire of the ancient gods, that is lurking within every plant, every stone and within our very selves:
We are eagerly looking forward to a festival full of devotion under the sign of the unseen, inner sun that shines within us all!

See you at the mountain of perception!
Love and Light to all of you

Speckjaga Tribe / Litha 2015