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This is the second to last announcement of the final
line-up for the HOUSE OF THE HOLY gathering.

Die Wilde Jagd
Imha Tarikat

All artworks bled into form by
View from the Coffin
Artem Grigoryev

A few invitations are left, so be fast to swear to fire:

Waxing Oskoraia Moon MMXXII
Funkenfluag Society

Wild Love & Mystik FIar

The ultimate climax is driven through our veins.
Wooden pillars ignite the gateways like torches through the nightsky abyss.

We want to thank you as you ride the vortex.
This gift of hearts fire you brought to the pyre.
Untrodden paths beckon new steps to open wide
be wise you are lifes candle

As water, wash away these rivers of fire
into soil and infinite love

Stargazed Child in neon nights
Lift our voices and burn bright
Can´t see the light

Blessed Solstice
Funkenfluag Society MMXXII

Visual Outburts by Elias Tieber

The solstice rode on and left its mark in the cosmos, but in a different way, due to life’s current circumstances. Like a house that stands strong and beautiful since time immemorial. Rituals shall be conducted and accomplished, not in warm beds and white satin, but in rough weather, on cold stones, digestible mud and with delicious intoxication, as the gods dance at their highest!

Hear what the bells are singing of the ancients, hear their roaring hammer thunder, hear their wild winds blow and open your lusty veins for the canonization of the whispering of the creatures below. Listen and spread these words in these not so comfortable times…

Blown away to the highest
Wild love exclusively & Mystik Fiar

Funkenfluag Society
Kloane Sunnawent MMXX