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Like a seed beneath the snow,
which will allways find a way to grow,
source within…

Open the gates, forged in fire for vicious entities
<applications are closed>

To the loss of all fire in modern world’s bottom…
Awaken! Awaken!!!

Funkenfluag Society
Lichtmess Moon MMXXIV

The portal of the open chariot Time is now closed. Now, we dive under the sign of the dark year.

We want to thank you all, dear participants, for this magickal trip to the Outer Worlds and back.
We are grateful for every single flame of your existence!

Sometimes it’s just a spark whose blaze sets everything aflame. A spark that drives us totally insane, which we normally are not able of!
And it spurs the urge to climb higher, step by step, into the heavens of the endless abyssos.
Ignited as dancing flames in the last and forgotten corners of the universe!

Dear Searchers, mark the date for HOTH VI with boiling blood!


Keep your eyes wide open, for more chants will follow soon!

To keep living traditions alive means blood, sweat, sacrifice, and passion!!!


Funkenflug Society
Samhain Moon MMXXIII

„Lightcake chalice“ drowned into human eyes by ViehArts and Salowe Vision!

Soon we’ll approach the highly acclaimed ceremony we’re all burning for!
Here are some changes and information you all shall read!

Due to force majeure our brothers from MOSAIC and PAKKT have to cancel their shows at the House of the Holy!
Instead, Brazil’s MYSTIFIER will blow their hellish fire into the audience!

About changes in your PAKKTS:
Please write to pakktvm@funkenfluag.at until June 10th, 12:00h CEST.
Later changes will not be accepted!

All updated information about the running order, shuttles, the Highland Games, and artists will be added to the handout (Check your invitation mails for the Link).
Please note that all products that we offer are regional! No cheap wine and food will be served!
„Das Leben ist zu kurz, um schlechten Wein zu trinken!“

We’re looking forward to the ultimate ceremony in the high Alps of Abtenau!

See you next week!!!
Please note, the ceremony is totally sold out!
Without a signed PAKKT, there is no chance to enter!

Torches high!!!
Wild Love and Mystik Fiar

Funkenfluag Society
Litha Moon MMXXIII

All souls drowned in the maelstrom of everlasting nothingness

Like the Hammer crushes the iron
Like the wild wind blows the foul away
Like the wheel turns on deepest soil

With laughter and fire
Hold torches higher

Open the gates to the other side
June 14 – 18, 2023
Neudegg Alm

Infos about applications within the coming days!
Let the ghosts ride wild and free!

Funkenfluag Society