Golden Vibes over Alpine Skies

Dragged by the force of some inner tide, here we come to you with this miraculous message!

So proud to welcome in our archaic halls the following stunning artists for House Of the Holy II:

Hexvessel, Vulture Industries, Dool, The Ruins of Beverast, Sinmara, Lunar Mantra, Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church, Almyrkvi, Okkulta, Crone, SlidhR, Sangre de Muerdago, Goat Torment, St Michaels Front, Hagzissa, Serpere, Mars, Obsolith, High Transition.

The tribe of the Funkenflug Society is full of energy and blazing fire and will set your minds aflame.
House of the Holy pt.II will be hold on in June 21- 23, the year 2018 under the nightskies of neudegg Alm, Abtenau.

There will be hold on an opening of the Gates on Wednesday for a very limited amount of People!
The opening chants will be done by DYSANGELIUM, CHAOS INVOKATION and SHRINE OF INSABILIS.

The preasale for this unique mystical gathering will be set for Freyday Dezember 8th, 11 pm, 2017!
Only 4 Tickets per order with your full names are accepted!
Please mention to your order if you want to join the opening!
So sign your Pakt under

Through the blood and sweat of Lisa Vinsterwahn Schubert, the new artwork for House of the Holy was born.
Endless blessings to you for this dedicated work.
Dancing Witches in the pit photography by Saskia Gaulke.

With friends surrounded united in coiled up flames, a dance of endless passion, creativity and lust… midsummer will be a dream long to remember!

Musick enlightens and connect people – towards the golden river, forever and ever

Funkenflug Society, December Fullmoon 2017