Turning ever Towards the Sun

The storming Walpurgis Rites are over and it´s a small decade when the time is falling into Darkness!

We started the preparation for the Funkenflug Ritual and we are good in time. The gods are on our side.

You can arrive to the fest area on Friday at 3 pm! We start the ceremony at 6 pm.

Please notice that the rite is restless sold out! There are no tickets available at the door.

Don´t forget to bring warm clothes and don´t forget raining clothes. You be there at the mountain and the weather can change as hell. No umbrellas welcome!

Don´t throw any waste in the nature, nor cigarettes, glimming stuff or any other shit. There are ashtrays and trashcans all over there!

Don´t light a fire!

Please notice:
The Speckjaga Society doesn´t accept any left- and right-winged attitudes! Our vision is healing and the benefit of all being!

The world is evolving and we are going a step forward. To survive this evolving process, our selfish, fanatical and warlike behavior must end!

Never stop living – never stop loving

Here is the Running Order for FUNKENFLUG XIV


Ark Tau Eos
The Äth


Halo Manash
Drug of Choice

Sideprogramm for Saturday:

Lammertaler Weisenbläser
Annaberger Alphornbläser


PAGAN ALTAR have cancelled all their shows in cause of health reasons! We send the best blessings.

We await you with passion and devotion at the bare mountain

Respect Nature and the Spirits of Nature in any kind

Speckjaga Society

Walpurgi 2014