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A new age is coming… coming in glory.

The old paths of rotten and foul fruit shall be trampled and cursed forever!
From this weakness shall arise a new vision, springing from and riding through our veins!

This mystical night on the edge of the abyss with MGLA, DOOMBRINGER and Medico Peste makes our burning hearts go wild and crazy. An intoxication of the purest essence.
Hail to the comrades who feed the burning darkness and shock the bodies to the ground in wild pulsating and raging tranquility.
A massive hail to those hordes from the eastern nebular.

Pictures by Cartismandua

Our cauldron will boil over with the next cosmic ejaculations!

Geysterbeschwörung at NeudeggAlm

The 1st strike of Black Metal Revenge with


is set for the 5th of March 22.


The 2nd Strike – SPRING EQUINOX MADNESS – will be held on the 2nd of April 22, together with our comrades


These special rituals will take place in the icy cold winter nights under the frozen stars.
We will burn the Mountain into lustfull Hell!!!

Send your application for these ceremonys now under the banner of speckjaga@sbg.at

The Artefakkts Chamber is open!

New Merchandise is also online in our Artefakkts Chamber!
Handmade Pins from VieH Arts can be clipped under your Skin with a new Funkenfluag Shirt designed by the mighty Joseph Deegan

Stay tuned for the Flames
In wild Love and Mystik Fiar

Funkenfluag Society
Autumn Equinox MMXXI