Messe des Winters – Wutanes Treiben

Through this wild night and back from Wutans forbidden garden, this heavy flagship will be unleashed upon you.
This is the speech from the hidden ghosts, they murmur from the other side.
Burn from the deepest.

The following possessed spirits will invade the House Of The Holy IV Celebration in June XVIII – XX, MMXX

  • ROME
  • In Slaughter Natives
  • Atlantean Kodex
  • Dolch
  • Neptune Power Fed
  • Slagmaur
  • Andavald
  • Youna
  • Thorybos
  • Hexenbrett
  • Lord Vicar
  • Lamia Vox
  • Kimi Kärki
  • Horns of Domination
  • ELR
  • Mosaic / Serowy
  • Verdsmannen Thorbjørnsen
  • Concorde
  • Transilvania
  • Vinsta

To join this unique and outstanding experience you need an invitation!
You have to send your application, including a maximum of 4 attendees and their full names and, very important, their E-Mail addresses, via a not yet available link.

The Pakt can be signed within the night of December 9th, starting at 11 pm. The Link will be provided then.
So be awake and be ready! Don’t miss the night of nights, where the wild Krampen roarrr…

Hexx pukk mi – Hail wild hunters – rise, rise, rise!
Wild Love and Mystik Fiar

Funkenfluag Society
Perkkzeit MMXIX