The Rauchnächte are over. Here we go with the infos about the Summer Solstice Celebration 2015. We hope that all of you had a great start into the new year.

There are very important things for you to know as a part of our Celebration:
Please notice that we are a private institution and our fest is strictly limited to 333 people! There will be a closed society!

The presale for this unique ceremony starts at the Imbolc Fest, Monday February 2nd, 2015, 0.00 a.m!
Please note, that you can only order 4 Tickets at most, including all the names of the visitors!

There will be a shuttle-service up and down the hill. There is a shuttle- and a park-ticket available which you can order directly with the festival ticket! Prices are 15 € for shuttle 2 days and 5 € for Parking! Please include this to your order!

Ticket Orders under:

There are no Day Tickets available!

At this time we have some changes around our festival:
We have a lot of costs to bring up this ritual for you, so we want to let you know that all drinks you bring from the camping area to the festival area are forbidden!
We offer you food and drinks for good prices! All the meat and vegan products are from our region.
Support the Speckjaga – Coven!

Please note that we have another checkpoint this year, where you enter the festival area. There you´ll get your wristbands!

Don´t be stupid and come without a ticket, no one will be accepted!

Also keep in mind the following:
We want to inform you all once more, that the festivities up on our bare mountain have nothing to do with partying and being stupid! Its not a gathering for those who are just interested in getting wasted and jumping around like morons!

This is something spiritual for all of us, something emanating from the beyond and throughout our very hearts! There is so much authenticity, honesty and devotion interwoven within each single step the Speckjaga coven takes…respect that and all the spirits that come to gather up there in the sacred woods and hills!

The solstice ceremony on our holy and rejuvenating place is something which transcends an ordinary music festival! We want you to dive into the fiery and freeing spirits of nature and want you to feel the untamed and unfettered breath of the ancient dragon, that lurks, dwells and whispers from within the earth and behind every tree!

May you all assimilate this powerful and transforming spark within your very souls. May you all prosper, be rejuvenated and transformed by this unique and magical gathering. May the light of the sacred sun within shine with love and salvation.

Speckjaga, the year of light 2015

Thank you all for your patience with the Speckjaga Coven!

The Funkenflug Celebration 2015 was sold out within a few minutes… unbelievable!
All of you who got an answer via e-mail within the last hours are a part of the solstice tribe in 2015!

For all those others who didn’t get a ticket this year, we are sorry about that! Don’t be upset.

Other news about the ritual, running order, area infos etc. you will get within the next few weeks.

May the light of Brigid shine into your hearts

HailaRRR – See you on the bare mountain
Speckjaga / Lichtmess 2015

We are proud to announce the following line-up for the Summer Solstice Celebration 2015 at Neudegg Alm:

The presale for this ceremony starts at February 2, 2015! No orders will be accepted before!
Order your ticket under:

More news in a short time.
Have a great Jul Fest

Speckjaga / Winter/ Jul 2015

We lay down our bones to the ground and arise in new blightness out from the cleansing fires of the wintermass!

We announce the line up for the summer solstice celebration 2015 in the ‘Rauhnächte’.We wish you and your families a holy journey through this raw and dark nights!

Bring the new light into the world!
Speckjaga/Wintermass 2014

Turning Ever Towards The Sun, from this raw nights at Neudegg Alm! A ceremony with WITTR, unforgettable and wild, burnt unto vinyl!

Get a copy of this strong limited edition masterpiece.

Out on Samhain, october 31th 2014!

Gatefold 180 gram DLP, 24 page booklet, hand numbered with A1 poster


Brothers and Sisters
What a magickal time it was to share the Solstice Celebration with you!
There were so many heartfelt moments that have left us speechless even up to now. So many new spirits have crawled out of the ashes and so many new doors have been opened, both spiritually and physically!

We want to thank you for your great and respectful behavior, your patience and your loyalty to all those ban breaking rituals which took place at the Neudegg Alm!
Greetings to all our blood brothers in HEXVESSELSOLSTAFIRHALO MANASHARKTAU EOSNIDINGRAMEN RA and all the others! Thank you for your art which we all celebrated over there!

Mat from Hexvessel states the following!

The whole community, the Funkenflug Society, will always move to a higher level. We grow as humans, stretching our roots from here to the rest of the entire world! We walk our own chosen path with an unbreakable will!

No sleep and no rest!
The Solstice Documentary is currently in production and will be released at the Beltane Rites 2015! Under the direction of Walter Fanninger, the impressive images of the solstice celebration 2014 are currently forged into a documentary. This beautiful movie will be unleashed upon mankind in spring 2015!

Take a look at the inside and the outside and read between the lines! Open your eyes!

Funkenflug Recordings – Turning Ever Towards The Sun
We are proud to announce the release of WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM´s “Turning Ever Towards The Sun- Live at Neudegg Alm” on vinyl with limited and hand numbered posters.
These wild and raw recordings from their spells at Neudegg Alm are burned on vinyl!
The release date is set for Samhain, October 31th 2014!

Preorder your copy now!
Also, brand new and old merch from the Funkenflug Society is now available!


Scouts on the borderline
After the solstice rites, OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON US entered Neudegg Alm and recorded their forthcoming 3rd album “Scouts on the borderline between the spiritual and physical world”
Here, some insights of the dark rituals they practiced in the mountain cave.

Announcement of official Speckjagasites:
There are some foul sites on the web, abusing the Speckjaga name without permission. Please note that the only official sources of information are:

Because of the high number of inquiries we got for the celebration, we want to point out that it will stay a small festival in familiar atmosphere. Only a limited number of guests will be permitted. The invitation begins in winter 2015!

Open your hearts, enlight the darkness

Funkenflug Society / Speckjagas
Mabon 2014

The storming Walpurgis Rites are over and it´s a small decade when the time is falling into Darkness!

We started the preparation for the Funkenflug Ritual and we are good in time. The gods are on our side.

You can arrive to the fest area on Friday at 3 pm! We start the ceremony at 6 pm.

Please notice that the rite is restless sold out! There are no tickets available at the door.

Don´t forget to bring warm clothes and don´t forget raining clothes. You be there at the mountain and the weather can change as hell. No umbrellas welcome!

Don´t throw any waste in the nature, nor cigarettes, glimming stuff or any other shit. There are ashtrays and trashcans all over there!

Don´t light a fire!

Please notice:
The Speckjaga Society doesn´t accept any left- and right-winged attitudes! Our vision is healing and the benefit of all being!

The world is evolving and we are going a step forward. To survive this evolving process, our selfish, fanatical and warlike behavior must end!

Never stop living – never stop loving

Here is the Running Order for FUNKENFLUG XIV


Ark Tau Eos
The Äth


Halo Manash
Drug of Choice

Sideprogramm for Saturday:

Lammertaler Weisenbläser
Annaberger Alphornbläser


PAGAN ALTAR have cancelled all their shows in cause of health reasons! We send the best blessings.

We await you with passion and devotion at the bare mountain

Respect Nature and the Spirits of Nature in any kind

Speckjaga Society

Walpurgi 2014

Now we banish Winter and we welcome Spring…

Blessings of the growing light
Blessings of the quickening earth
Blessings of the morning chorus
Blessings of the first shy flowers
Blessings of Nature waking
Blessings of Maiden singing
Briganti’s fire light your path
Briganti’s blessings on your hearth.

Summer Solstice Celebration 2014 was sold out within 3 hours!

It’s unbelievable, this response! We thank you all for your support, your devotion and passion.
You will get your infos at the time of Ostara.

There are no orders accepted anymore!

Keep the homefires burning, and keep the flame of liberty alive.
Respect Nature and the spirits of Nature in any Kind!
The noble men on their chosen paths will stay proud and strong. Shine in this world of desecration and rape  as fearless flames.

In Love and Light

Hail to you in this prosperous new year! This is the final line up for the Midsummer Solstice Celebration 2014:

We are proud to announce, that those amazing artists come to perform their sacred arts on our alpine pasture, our sanctuary, a place of rejuvenation and strength, were the breath of the ancient ones is still lingering and their fires burning evermore!

It is one of the most intense mixtures in musick culture! Ancient highland traditions interweaved with love and favour for musick and spirituality! Enjoy and be a part of this unique 2 day ritual highlight in 2014!

The advance ticket sale starts around LICHTMESS, 2nd of February!
Get in touch to order your admission ticket under:

This year we are also proud to announce some special innovations:
We celebrate Summer Solstice 2 Days! We wanna bring you closer to our rite of the fallen light!! Come with pure passion & devotion!

Important note:
This is not any kind of drinking spree, if you look for a party please stay away and don´t waste our time or the time of the participants that want to seriously immerse into the currents that are going to be set free during this ecstatical time of magic and dedication!

There will be a shuttle service for both days!
New Merchandise will be made available within the next weeks!
More information in the coming weeks!

This is our Message to all of you:
Respect nature and the spirits of nature in any kind!
Live as noble man on your chosen path, don´t steal, don´t lie and don´t fear anything!!

The Speckjagas await you on the bare mountain
Shine in love and lite!

Speckjagas, Winter 2014

Back from the reich of our ancestors and into the winter… as a living light into the darkness.
The magick of Jex Thoth has left its marks and we dont find the right words to describe this unforgetable and holy night of death.

We never felt more devotion and passion as in that night!

Here are some pics from Belzebath Bluhtzorn. Thank you brother for this wonderful gallery!

More news are following in the next days!

Shamhana 2013