We are so honoured about the big resonance we spread around the world. Thank you all for your interest and support. Infernal love to you!

The last wild night we got overbombed with ticket orders. It’s amazing!
Today we start to handle this chaos. The lucky chosen will get their confirmation till Sunday, 14th of February.
So please give us a few days for this, please understand that we are just humans!

With a unseen and awakening light

Speckjaga / Imbolc 2016

…the circle is being closed.

Norway, April 2010, somewhere in the mystic woods around Holmenkollen, beyond a chapel, the magic and mysticism of „…heart of the ages“ is reverberating and haunting through the night, transforming its spells into reality.
IN THE WOODS headline the very last ceremony of the Funkenflug Ritual with honourable brothers from all around Europe and the world.

Its just only a few days until the pre-sale for this unique, special and outstanding event starts. Please be sure that you really want to be a part of this fiery, vigorous and mind altering ceremony!
Its again a journey away from the structures of profanity and trivial everyday life. Its a magical voyage into the timeless and sacred woods of Neudegg Alm…and into the beyond…into the everburning, ancient fires of transformation…into the light of a newborn inner Sun!

As we have always said, and that’s important:
We are not a mainstream nor a party event, where you can jump around and behave as respectless and mindless apes and fools! We celebrate with the spirits of nature, so you have to bring the true love and the right attitude and respect!
Honour the surroundings and inhale its ancient, rejuvenating spirit. May it light a spark within your very hearts!
You can place your order in the light of Lichtmess, February 2nd, 2016, from 00.00 am till 12.00pm!

Sign your pakt under this mail: speckjaga@sbg.at! 4 Tickets are accepted for each order!

Don´t forget to place your names in the mail!
If you get an answer within the next days you will be a part of this last Solstice Ceremony. All other infos (shuttle/ running order/ taxi) will be sent to the participant via mail.
No discussions to no one! Don’t ask for guestlists and don’t write via Facebook or other sites!
We don’t want to loose our roots. We keep it limited, unique and familiar!

So brothers and sisters, we wish you all the best and good luck for the forthcoming days.

With wild, untamed Love and mystic Fire
Speckjaga Tribe / Imbolc 2016

The Funkenflug Society/Speckjaga Tribe is proud to announce the official artist for the Summer Solstice concept 2016!
High Priestess Sunve could be arranged for photographical artworks and paintings.

Her blood filled drawings and dedicated photo art will cover the next issue of this high acclaimed ritual.
In the last week we were driven by fire and energy, we opened the gates to a new dimension in nature art and created a new vibe in illustrated views.
The solstice movie is delayed to spring 2017! More about this soon.

The date for the Sonnwendfeuer wilderness is set for June 16/17/18, 2016!
The complete Line Up for this Ceremony “In the Temple of the golden light” is booked and will be unveiled in the end of the Rauhnächte.

Don´t ask for tickets & guest lists, don´t ask if your band can play, keep everything in silence!

A great autumn time, strenght, love and light to all of you

Funkenflug Society  Autumn Equinox 2015

Insights of the Speckjaga Tribe 2015.
A Journey into the abyss and beyond the stars. The ancient fire guided our way – Giganten in der Zeit, rittlings auf den Äonen!

This amazing video footage created into live by Earth Fire Water Productions!
We have restocked our phenomenal Zip Hoodies in size S, M, L, XL!

Feel free to order these clothes under order@funkenfluag.at!

Thank you all for your dedication and support!
Hail Hail, the Schnittermann

Speckjaga Tribe / Schnittfest 2015

Unsere verehrten Schwestern und Brüder! Was für ein Sturm – was für ein Segen!
Getauft mit den Wassern  einer hochschwangeren Natur, vereint in Magick!
Die flammenden Posaunen spielten so laut! Die eigenen Flammen verbrannten uns zu Asche, um in den Feuern der Liebe wiedergeboren zu werden!

Wir bedanken uns bei allen die diesen Funkensturm mit uns so hingabevoll feierten!
Allen Besuchern aus aller Welt, die diesen sakralen Tempel  so würdevoll behandelten und trotz des strömenden Regens respektvoll hinterlassen hatten, zollen wir größten Respekt!
Ein wahrlich transformatives Erlebnis für Body Mind and Soul!

Tausend Dank allen Speckjagan für die aufopfernde Arbeit, ohne Euren immensen Einsatz wären wir in den brodelnden Tiefen des Chaos versunken! United we stand amongst the Flames!

Der Funkenflug Film wird verschoben, neue Ideen werden ergänzt, um das Maximale aus diesem Werk herauszuholen! Mehr dazu in Kürze!

Euch allen da draußen eine wunderbare Zeit! Strahlt als glühende Funken in der düsteren Zeit! Das Licht der Finsternis scheint!

Barth / Speckjaga Tribe Litha 2015

Brothers and sisters within light!

This is the last breath, a last whisper until the sun turns and the light of darkness begins to shine and radiate!
The wet sputtering fire of the may-goddess, an elixir of life and rejuvenation!
This warm and smooth nectar was refreshing us! This sacred wellspring granted us many visions!
The last step to the ultimate Funkenflug (Sparkflight) is in tangible distance!

Here are some very important informations regarding the Rauhnächte of the summer solstice and infos for you to experience this holy nights trouble-free and disciplined:

The Funkenflug 2015 is completely sold-out!
There isn’t any chance to partake in our ceremonial rites without having a valid festival- ticket!
We are a closed congregation! Please save your time and dont travel to the sacred mountain without any ticket! There will be NO entrance granted!

For all those who have been blessed to get an invitation!:
You can arrive on friday, june 19th at 10 o’clock AM and build up your bivouac!
Dont forget warm clothes, sleepingbags, furs or blankets and rain/wind persisting coats! The weather on the mountain can easily change and it can become very windy and cold!

A shuttle-bus from ENI Gas station and the post-office during both days, is only available for those who own a valid festival-ticket!

Up the Hill:
1st Run: 01:30 pm
2nd Run: 03:30 pm
3rd Run: 05:30 pm

Down the Hill:
1st Run: 02:15 am
2nd Run: 03:00 am

For all of you travelling by car:
Use car sharing to reduce the parking-, and space problems upon the hill!
Please follow the instructions of the parking attendants and keep the reversal point of the shuttle-bus absolutely and all the time vacant!
Wrong parking vehicles will be towed off at your costs without any compensation!

To all dog-keepers:
Please be so sensible and let your pets at home! We dont want to debate about the problems that can emerge with the local hunters and wild animals!

The running order is being published one week before the solstice!

If you havent booked a hotel room yet, check out the website of our friends from “Gasthof Lederer”:
Here the contact: www.ledererwirt.at  |  info@ledererwirt.at  or phone 0043 6243 2269

No camp-fires at the camp-site!
You are allowed to use barbecue-pods! Keep the surrounding nature clean! We dont want to see and find any fag ends and other dirt!

: Keep Austria beautiful – Respect Nature :

For all those of you who arent sharing this thoughts and attitude and expect an ordinary festival with will-less, jumping monkeys and retarded, drunken party idiots: Please burn your ticket and dont travel to the solstice at all!

To all of you vigorous, flaming and wonderful beings who are searching for the slumbering fire of the ancient gods, that is lurking within every plant, every stone and within our very selves:
We are eagerly looking forward to a festival full of devotion under the sign of the unseen, inner sun that shines within us all!

See you at the mountain of perception!
Love and Light to all of you

Speckjaga Tribe / Litha 2015

We are in preparation for spring. Nature awakes and is in its birth process.

Here some notes and links to our graphic  brother and sister!

Location-Map drawed by Antonia Freisburger. Hail the Red Devil!


All layouts for the Funkenflug Tribe are done by Irrwisch!

All other infos concerning the Speckjaga Ceremony in 2015 as running order, shuttles and all the other stuff will be announced in the Walpurgis Times!
We will keep you updated!

Awake , Awake  – Shine in Love and Light



No orders will be accepted anymore! We want to thank you for your patience.

To all of you who ordered:
You will get your information within the next hours & days!
We have here 1000s of mails workin through! Please give us a little time and don’t stress us!

Awake mother awake
Speckjaga Imbolc 2015

The Rauchnächte are over. Here we go with the infos about the Summer Solstice Celebration 2015. We hope that all of you had a great start into the new year.

There are very important things for you to know as a part of our Celebration:
Please notice that we are a private institution and our fest is strictly limited to 333 people! There will be a closed society!

The presale for this unique ceremony starts at the Imbolc Fest, Monday February 2nd, 2015, 0.00 a.m!
Please note, that you can only order 4 Tickets at most, including all the names of the visitors!

There will be a shuttle-service up and down the hill. There is a shuttle- and a park-ticket available which you can order directly with the festival ticket! Prices are 15 € for shuttle 2 days and 5 € for Parking! Please include this to your order!

Ticket Orders under: osdou@sbg.at

There are no Day Tickets available!

At this time we have some changes around our festival:
We have a lot of costs to bring up this ritual for you, so we want to let you know that all drinks you bring from the camping area to the festival area are forbidden!
We offer you food and drinks for good prices! All the meat and vegan products are from our region.
Support the Speckjaga – Coven!

Please note that we have another checkpoint this year, where you enter the festival area. There you´ll get your wristbands!

Don´t be stupid and come without a ticket, no one will be accepted!

Also keep in mind the following:
We want to inform you all once more, that the festivities up on our bare mountain have nothing to do with partying and being stupid! Its not a gathering for those who are just interested in getting wasted and jumping around like morons!

This is something spiritual for all of us, something emanating from the beyond and throughout our very hearts! There is so much authenticity, honesty and devotion interwoven within each single step the Speckjaga coven takes…respect that and all the spirits that come to gather up there in the sacred woods and hills!

The solstice ceremony on our holy and rejuvenating place is something which transcends an ordinary music festival! We want you to dive into the fiery and freeing spirits of nature and want you to feel the untamed and unfettered breath of the ancient dragon, that lurks, dwells and whispers from within the earth and behind every tree!

May you all assimilate this powerful and transforming spark within your very souls. May you all prosper, be rejuvenated and transformed by this unique and magical gathering. May the light of the sacred sun within shine with love and salvation.

Speckjaga, the year of light 2015

Thank you all for your patience with the Speckjaga Coven!

The Funkenflug Celebration 2015 was sold out within a few minutes… unbelievable!
All of you who got an answer via e-mail within the last hours are a part of the solstice tribe in 2015!

For all those others who didn’t get a ticket this year, we are sorry about that! Don’t be upset.

Other news about the ritual, running order, area infos etc. you will get within the next few weeks.

May the light of Brigid shine into your hearts

HailaRRR – See you on the bare mountain
Speckjaga / Lichtmess 2015