The wolves gather again


The Wolves gather again at the holy Mountain!

Golden Vibes over Alpine Skies

Dragged by the force of some inner tide, here we come to you with this miraculous message!

So proud to welcome in our archaic halls the following stunning artists for House Of the Holy II:

Hexvessel, Vulture Industries, Dool, The Ruins of Beverast, Sinmara, Lunar Mantra, Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church, Almyrkvi, Okkulta, Crone, SlidhR, Sangre de Muerdago, Goat Torment, St Michaels Front, Hagzissa, Serpere, Mars, Obsolith, High Transition.

The tribe of the Funkenflug Society is full of energy and blazing fire and will set your minds aflame.
House of the Holy pt.II will be hold on in June 21- 23, the year 2018 under the nightskies of neudegg Alm, Abtenau.

There will be hold on an opening of the Gates on Wednesday for a very limited amount of People!
The opening chants will be done by DYSANGELIUM, CHAOS INVOKATION and SHRINE OF INSABILIS.

The preasale for this unique mystical gathering will be set for Freyday Dezember 8th, 11 pm, 2017!
Only 4 Tickets per order with your full names are accepted!
Please mention to your order if you want to join the opening!
So sign your Pakt under

Through the blood and sweat of Lisa Vinsterwahn Schubert, the new artwork for House of the Holy was born.
Endless blessings to you for this dedicated work.
Dancing Witches in the pit photography by Saskia Gaulke.

With friends surrounded united in coiled up flames, a dance of endless passion, creativity and lust… midsummer will be a dream long to remember!

Musick enlightens and connect people – towards the golden river, forever and ever

Funkenflug Society, December Fullmoon 2017


Dance of Snakes upon the mountain chalice

The trees where dancing to the beats of the musick, while the entrance to the universe was open, our minds connected with the hearts of the dead! We moved from time to time, out of space where everything stands still!
A Mass of Winter was created! Now Father Winter you can come, with your cold warmness, and with your burning ice!

After five elementary rituals in the Autumn Times, together with the firy Stars from Bölzer, Svartidaudi, Egg of Gomorrh, Horna, Shaarimoth, Thy Darkened Shade, Mosaic, Grift, Nahtrunar, Ore, Black Witchery, Possession, King Dude, Caronte and Ruins of Beaverast this tribe blow a blast into the dark times of a new beginning! Now silence and rest is still in the house of wilderness and freedom!
We listen now to the spells from the otherside and find new paths.

Unspoken murmurs and wild reflective winternights will come across the harsh mountain sides.
Beyond the veil of perishabillity the spirits of this great artist will shine through their glorious art in photopaintings and blood.
Thanx to Saskia Gaulke, Björn Frank, Anita Petzold….for your dedicated work around this rituals!

To all of you, you possessed and fiery souls, you wonderful children of the dawn, thank you so much for making this hellride possible, it will be forever a cut in the flesh of history and never forgotten!

More news regarding the House of the Holy Akt II will come soon!

The guiding light will shine
Funkenflug Society / Samhain MMXVII


Important Notice


Changes after this date can’t be adapted! Please keep this in mind.
So if you want to sell your ticket for personal reasons, please tell us the “new” ticketholder via e-mail.
If the names on our list, the ticket number and the passport doesn’t match, the person doesn’t get a ticket at the entrance!

Please keep your ticket number in mind!

With lust for life, let the endless streams of fire flow in pure Passion, Love and Dedication.

Hail the true Light
Funkenflug Society / Beltane MMXVII

Blindness will transform into Vision

Hope you all had a good start in this golden year of 2017. A year of great changes and interventions.

A time where everything goes faster. Energy accumulates and densifies to a power that will either hit you in the face or catapult you into the greatest hights, depending on your (non-) actions.
This year 2017 will be a time for people, who honestly follow their heart…

Here is the last announcement for House Of The Holy, before the presale starts on January 6th, 0.00 am.
We added 3 more wonderful acts to the HOTH line up.
Please welcome Caronte from Italy, Islandic Nornahetta and Germanys 777 in our ranks.
Plus one special Dude will be announced in the very beginning of February as an special guest and true light warrior.

Important! Please notice before you post an order concerning this ceremony… make sure, that you really want to be a part of this special gathering!
Tickets are very limited to 333 pieces!

Here you can take an insight into the great work of David Glomba, who is responsible for the official HOTH Artwork.
His flow of energy and blood, captured unbelievable moments and manifested them into the “Ejaculation of Inspiration”.


HOUSE OF THE HOLY – Okkult Musick Gathering

Under the December-moon we are proud to dive into the next Zyklus of an unique and spiritual Musick gathering!
A next step higher into the unseen and hidden!
We never want to do Repetition. So we changed many things to crest to the highest, to create a better musick ceremony in all positive ways!

Wolves find each other…an old spell!
Some old ones leave, some new ones are going to come. New blood and fresh energy joined the pack of the Funkenflug Society.

The art concept for House of the Holy is done by David Glomba/Teitan Arts.
Irrwisch Art Design smeared the HOTH Logo/Sighul with Blut und Asch.
Movie Teaser  Visualisations by EARTH WATER FIRE production.
Sunvemetal banned the elements into a visual form.

Those will came and in fervency their choirs shall be heard:

The presale for this ride towards the longest day starts in the end of the Rauhnächte, while Huldra is returning into the Reich of the ancestors.
Please note that you join a closed society.
Only 4 Tickets per order under specifications of your names  are accepted!
Sign your pact at the 6th of January, 2017, 0.00 am under this one:

The mountains call with wild Love and mystic Fire
See you on the other side

Funkenflug Society / HOTH
Wintermass MMXVI

Howling from the other side

“Through the eternal gateways of the ancients, they will guide us on our journey through the dark, till the light will be born anew!”

Sweet fruits from the forbidden garden found the way into our world and loomed a new okkult musick gathering!
There are no limits, we’ll never stop.
The journey continues with HOUSE OF THE HOLY.

More news out from the eternal void will come to you soon.
Await some mind-blowing around the beginning of winter and join the Funkenflug Society .

Our sparks in your brains to sow to let your tempel grow.

So fine, so good – much Love and Mystik Fire



Nights Of Rejuvenating Fire

A circle is closed and another is to opened – the wheel turns on again.

Our deepest gratitude and thanks goes out to all of you, beloved brothers and sisters.
You who have been part of our last Funkenflug ceremony. We have never seen such respectful and dedicated people as you having shown up at Neudegg Alm, at our beloved sacred mountain.
We can’t find any words to describe your endless passion and devotion in this ritual.
Your respect to nature – no left of any trash – goes without words!
May you have found the true light of wisdom to march forward and climb up the next level to your own inner sacred divine light.

Our biggest blessings go to all the phenomenal bands having participated at this year’s Funkenflug! You spread pure intensity into the audience!
Hail Belphegor, Hail Svartidaudi, Hail Vemod, Hail Cult of Fire, Hail In the Woods, Hail Acherontas, Hail Winterfylleth, Hail Mosaic, Hail Sortilegia, Hail A Forest of Stars, Hail Kringa, Hail Shibalba, Hail Common Eider King Eider, Hail Albez Duz, Hail Aluk Todolo, Hail Sum of R, Hail Stormnatt, Hail the Alphorns, Hail the ancient ones!

Hail and thanks to all the possessed artists: Sunvemetal, Irrwish, Ceethava and House of Inkantation for the visual concept. Your names shall be burnt in stones. 93!

Total Love and Respekt to our phenomenal crew who gave their ultimate sacrifice for a higher purpose! HailaRRR!
A big hail to the comrades from our hometown who helped us in such a positive way. May the fires of Abtenau return! May the rivers of this holy town squirt again fresh out of the soil.

What is left is the ash out of which the phoenix shall rise. Two keys have formed the symbol of new and old, beginning and end!
The first key closed the old! The second key opened the new! After they had been thrown into the fire the HOUSE OF THE HOLY ascended from the inner light of a hundred of burning souls, brought indescribable visions, guided us a new path of transcendence.
With this knowledge and strength we will march ever higher to the next level of creativity and energy.
The sparks of the great phallus shall enlighten your soul and life, ignite your own inner fire and vault your whole existence to the source of endless creativity and power.

A light in deepest darkness will guide you the way. May eternal love and peace be with you.

Wild Love and Mystic Fire

Barth and the Funkenflug Society/ Litha MMXVI

IMPORTANT: The Speckjaga-Facebook page ( will go inactive after a short while, if you want to receive further updates go to Funkenflug Society!


Bright Light – awakening fire

We are so honoured about the big resonance we spread around the world. Thank you all for your interest and support. Infernal love to you!

The last wild night we got overbombed with ticket orders. It’s amazing!
Today we start to handle this chaos. The lucky chosen will get their confirmation till Sunday, 14th of February.
So please give us a few days for this, please understand that we are just humans!

With a unseen and awakening light

Speckjaga / Imbolc 2016

The Cycle has come to an end…

…the circle is being closed.

Norway, April 2010, somewhere in the mystic woods around Holmenkollen, beyond a chapel, the magic and mysticism of „…heart of the ages“ is reverberating and haunting through the night, transforming its spells into reality.
IN THE WOODS headline the very last ceremony of the Funkenflug Ritual with honourable brothers from all around Europe and the world.

Its just only a few days until the pre-sale for this unique, special and outstanding event starts. Please be sure that you really want to be a part of this fiery, vigorous and mind altering ceremony!
Its again a journey away from the structures of profanity and trivial everyday life. Its a magical voyage into the timeless and sacred woods of Neudegg Alm…and into the beyond…into the everburning, ancient fires of transformation…into the light of a newborn inner Sun!

As we have always said, and that’s important:
We are not a mainstream nor a party event, where you can jump around and behave as respectless and mindless apes and fools! We celebrate with the spirits of nature, so you have to bring the true love and the right attitude and respect!
Honour the surroundings and inhale its ancient, rejuvenating spirit. May it light a spark within your very hearts!
You can place your order in the light of Lichtmess, February 2nd, 2016, from 00.00 am till 12.00pm!

Sign your pakt under this mail:! 4 Tickets are accepted for each order!

Don´t forget to place your names in the mail!
If you get an answer within the next days you will be a part of this last Solstice Ceremony. All other infos (shuttle/ running order/ taxi) will be sent to the participant via mail.
No discussions to no one! Don’t ask for guestlists and don’t write via Facebook or other sites!
We don’t want to loose our roots. We keep it limited, unique and familiar!

So brothers and sisters, we wish you all the best and good luck for the forthcoming days.

With wild, untamed Love and mystic Fire
Speckjaga Tribe / Imbolc 2016