Blindness will transform into Vision

Hope you all had a good start in this golden year of 2017. A year of great changes and interventions.

A time where everything goes faster. Energy accumulates and densifies to a power that will either hit you in the face or catapult you into the greatest hights, depending on your (non-) actions.
This year 2017 will be a time for people, who honestly follow their heart…

Here is the last announcement for House Of The Holy, before the presale starts on January 6th, 0.00 am.
We added 3 more wonderful acts to the HOTH line up.
Please welcome Caronte from Italy, Islandic Nornahetta and Germanys 777 in our ranks.
Plus one special Dude will be announced in the very beginning of February as an special guest and true light warrior.

Important! Please notice before you post an order concerning this ceremony… make sure, that you really want to be a part of this special gathering!
Tickets are very limited to 333 pieces!

Here you can take an insight into the great work of David Glomba, who is responsible for the official HOTH Artwork.
His flow of energy and blood, captured unbelievable moments and manifested them into the “Ejaculation of Inspiration”.