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Golden Vibes over Alpine Skies

Dragged by the force of some inner tide, here we come to you with this miraculous message! So proud to welcome in our archaic halls the following stunning artists for House Of the Holy II: Hexvessel, Vulture Industries, Dool, The Ruins of Beverast, Sinmara, Lunar Mantra, Der Blutharsch and the Infinite Church, Almyrkvi, Okkulta, Crone, […]

Dance of Snakes upon the mountain chalice

The trees where dancing to the beats of the musick, while the entrance to the universe was open, our minds connected with the hearts of the dead! We moved from time to time, out of space where everything stands still! A Mass of Winter was created! Now Father Winter you can come, with your cold […]

Important Notice

LAST TICKET-LIST-CHANGES WILL BE ACCEPTED UNTIL 10th OF JUNE 12 p.m.! Changes after this date can’t be adapted! Please keep this in mind. So if you want to sell your ticket for personal reasons, please tell us the “new” ticketholder via e-mail. If the names on our list, the ticket number and the passport doesn’t […]

Blindness will transform into Vision

Hope you all had a good start in this golden year of 2017. A year of great changes and interventions. A time where everything goes faster. Energy accumulates and densifies to a power that will either hit you in the face or catapult you into the greatest hights, depending on your (non-) actions. This year […]

HOUSE OF THE HOLY – Okkult Musick Gathering

Under the December-moon we are proud to dive into the next Zyklus of an unique and spiritual Musick gathering! A next step higher into the unseen and hidden! We never want to do Repetition. So we changed many things to crest to the highest, to create a better musick ceremony in all positive ways! Wolves find each […]

Howling from the other side

“Through the eternal gateways of the ancients, they will guide us on our journey through the dark, till the light will be born anew!” Sweet fruits from the forbidden garden found the way into our world and loomed a new okkult musick gathering! There are no limits, we’ll never stop. The journey continues with HOUSE OF […]

Nights Of Rejuvenating Fire

A circle is closed and another is to opened – the wheel turns on again. Our deepest gratitude and thanks goes out to all of you, beloved brothers and sisters. You who have been part of our last Funkenflug ceremony. We have never seen such respectful and dedicated people as you having shown up at Neudegg […]

Bright Light – awakening fire

We are so honoured about the big resonance we spread around the world. Thank you all for your interest and support. Infernal love to you! The last wild night we got overbombed with ticket orders. It’s amazing! Today we start to handle this chaos. The lucky chosen will get their confirmation till Sunday, 14th of […]

The Cycle has come to an end…

…the circle is being closed. Norway, April 2010, somewhere in the mystic woods around Holmenkollen, beyond a chapel, the magic and mysticism of „…heart of the ages“ is reverberating and haunting through the night, transforming its spells into reality. IN THE WOODS headline the very last ceremony of the Funkenflug Ritual with honourable brothers from all […]